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Belmond, newly acquired by LVMH, knew it wanted to do something with a committee of influencers, it just didn’t know what exactly. So they asked Studio La Plage to develop a creative concept, and deliver a launch film for social, that would announce this new campaign to the world.

In a crowded digital space, we looked beyond travel influencers, assembling a cast of key characters from classical music, wellness, floristry, the arts and other areas that resonate with Belmond’s highly-cultured guests. The inaugural members of what will continue to be a rotating cast of ‘Good Living’ committee members were flown to London, in the UK, for a shoot involving a flagship Belmond property and key locations across the capital.

Creatively, we wanted the film to inspire, but also show the playful side of the brand. And, importantly, none of us wanted it to look or feel like just another hotel film. The final cut saw one of our Good Living luminaries racing along the Thames river in a fast boat, another scaling a secret bell tower for an impromptu violin concerto, and our theatre duo throwing thousands of shreds of paper from a ripped up rulebook down the main staircase at Belmond’s legendary Cadogan hotel. (Sorry, Belmond). The film, which was a standout success on their social channels and is now the landing film for all visitors to

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