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When Mastercard Europe brought Studio La Plage in to develop an interactive online platform for Mastercard employees, we rose to the challenge to create the ‘In Focus Hub’, a place for employees to engage with interactive content and important information. To date, our content has driven record numbers of employee engagement and collaboration.

Through a playful design language and inspiring animations, Studio La Plage developed the Mastercard brand to build an engaging space for employees to learn and play. We manage the design, build and management of the site, working effectively with their internal teams to deliver monthly updates.

We also work with them to develop interactive digital campaigns, focusing on key Mastercard moments throughout the year, and linking with partners and events.


We are a London-based team of creators and producers. And a Global family of creative talent. From large-scale film, creative campaigns to simple, beautiful design and interactive art, we can do it all.  And we do it quickly, flexibly and collaboratively.

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