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Everyone knows Mastercard. They are one of the largest financial services organisations in the world – a bank, right?

Actually they are a leader in global digital payments and technology business designing truly innovative products and solutions to take us into a future beyond cash.

Technology media is awash with content covering “tech in the next five years” “tech trends which will change the world” Mastercard wanted to show what they are powering right now, today.

We partnered with Talker Tailor Trouble Maker our partner Comms and PR Agency to produce a series of UK and Pan European localised videos with Mastercard to demonstrate the available payment technology, partner collaborations and innovative products Mastercard have developed.

Our first series of episodes depict a typical busy family throughout a typical day encountering moments and scenarios where smart, safe and secure payments really help to just get on with life without missing a beat.

The strategy and visual treatment we chose was to help reinforce and position Mastercard as an innovative fin tech rather being perceived as a traditional financial services organisation. We worked with Hungry Sandwich to commission a branded but friendly and approachable illustration style to help communicate our stories.

Episode 1: Morning Milk

Episode 2: School Run

Episode 3: Arriving at Work

Closing statement

The first 4 episodes have been used at industry events by the VP of Global Marketing, shared with journalists in media toolkits and available on the Mastercard online European press portal.


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